Freelancer Developer & Engineer

Android Developer - iOS Developer - Web Developer - Electrical Engineer


Some recent work

Haptic Reloaded

Open-source 3D-printed prosthesis hand redesigned to provide haptic feedback to the user. Force sensors and vibrotactile feedback. Custom board. Optimized for solar charging. The design was low-cost and sustainable, working towards making prosthesis' available to all amputees.

Blackjack Trainer

Beat the dealer. Fully customizable rule set, such as Dealer Hits Soft 17, Number of Decks in Shoe, Double After Split, and more. Running count and true count tracker. Card counting drills. Charts of Basic Strategy for Hit 17, Stand 17, and Deviations. Keep track of Session Stats and All-Time Stats. Your trainer Roberto will let you know if you made an incorrect play and what the correct decision would have been.

Want to see my credentials?

I have a diverse range of interests and strive to succeed in them all. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering but spend most of my time developing software, and lately absorbing every bit of information I can. I play the guitar and piano, soccer and video games, and am a general hobbyist.


Need a project done?

I'm always open to taking on new projects. If you need a full-stack developer or just have basic electronics questions and want to learn more, feel free to send me a message.